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Fatbook 2

At Trading Fabric Postcards we do some other things besides our 4 x 6 cards. We have miniature quilt swaps and we also have what is called a FatBook Swap. The only way to describe them is think of you … finish reading Fatbook 2

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Postcards I Received This Week.

  Karen  sent this one of Maxine. I love her. She has  my attitude and also Karen did a great job on this card. I am crazy about this card.   Rachel always sends me great cards. I love the … finish reading Postcards I Received This Week.

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New Cards Received.

  I love beautiful sea turtles like this one that Terri sent. She selected the most perfect fabrics for the turtle back. It makes me want to go to the beach for some Vitamin “Sea.”   Katina send me this … finish reading New Cards Received.

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Cards Received.

Here is another group of cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.   We got a good laugh out of this card from Valerie.  In a good way. First of all it is beautiful and I … finish reading Cards Received.

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New Cards Received

I have been somewhat behind in my posting of cards that I have received from the members of Trading Fabric Postcards. I am going to start posting them tonight. What I probably will do is post half tonight and the … finish reading New Cards Received

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What Is A FatBook?

I found this picture online of what a FatBook looks like. It was on Paper Junkies website.   to see more. Basically they are made like a miniature quilt or fabric postcard and you put together in book form. … finish reading What Is A FatBook?

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Student’s Cards From Francis Scott Key School.

        Card made by Aliya   Card made by Christine C.  Card made by Juno     Card made by Gangbin   Card made by Ana   Card made by Christine G.   Card made by Emily … finish reading Student’s Cards From Francis Scott Key School.

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Fat Book Page

  On Trading Fabric Postcards some of the ladies wanted to try their hand at Fatbooks. I researched and saw what they were and thought it was a good idea. It is basically put together like a postcard. We decided … finish reading Fat Book Page

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Meet Artist Shirley Pando

  Hi, I’m Shirley Pando.  I live in the Orlando, Florida area with my husband of 23 years and our three teen/adult sons. I have been a crafter of many kinds for most of my life. I love all sorts … finish reading Meet Artist Shirley Pando

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