Postcards On Parade

From Anita  to Heidi

Base fabric - woven strips
Y is for

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Postcards On Parade

Card From Winston
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Postcards On Parade

Katherine Fisher

Stephanie Ruyle
Malke Yablonsky
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Happy 2012! Postcards For The New Year

I am just now getting back to where I can start posting on here again. I have several blogs and web sites that keep me busy. You can keep up with them all at

Now to the postcards.  It looks like 2012 is going to be a great year for Trading Fabric Postcards. Our group is growing every day and our swaps are doing wonderful.

We truly have the best members on the face of the earth!

Here are some cards for you to enjoy and if you have any questions about joining or how it works. Just ask. is the email address. Put Post Cards in the subject line.

This card was made by Marlene. I love the old country church look. We have an alphabet swap going. This was C and she chose Church for her card. Thank you and I like the way you used a marker to make the windows look like stained glass.

This card “C” caterpillar with a cap on was made by me, Chris.  During the summer at my home I see a ton of these , but so far none has had a hat on.

Terri chose her black cat for Friday the 13th Swap. She could have not picked a better card for me. I used to have a black cat Spooky. He lived to be 17 and was a mess. Lived up to him name Spooky.. Afraid of his own shadow! Terri has great embroidery programs on her machine.

Here is the card I made. I thought and could not come up with what I wanted to do on my own. I googled Friday the 13th and found this card. I printed it out on fabric and sewed it to a background. I think it worked out pretty good.

Anita made this card. “Maudie” as I call her lovingly! She decided for the Explore swap that she and I need to go down the creek and she was we could find. She is a person after my own heart. She pulled out the box of Crayola Crayons and used them on the card. No one loves “colors” as much as I do. That is what we called them growing up. I just open the box sometimes and smell them. I love to color!

This is my Explore card that I made. Do you not wish one day we would look outside and see one of the saucers flying by? I do .. I have always loved reading and studying about Aliens and X-Files was on my list of favorite shows. I really liked making this card.

We had a National Soup Month Swap.  Carol made me this vegetable soup card. Doesn’t it look delicious? I love veggie soup. She used a great bunch of fabric . Very colorful.

Nothing makes me laugh harder than those Chick Fil-A billboards with the cows writing “Eat More Chikin”  or something like that.. So for the National Soup Month card I was to make, the chicken is carrying a sign stating to “Eat More Beef and Fish.”

I decided to cut up some old linens I had to make a birthday card.

Another card I made out of some old linens.

We had an Elvis Presley swap. Who does not remember the King of Rock and Roll ? This was the front of the card.

Here is the back of the card with an actual ticket stub that I got when I visited three times in one year. Yes you heard me right. Gary and I went to Graceland in Memphis, TN. Then a friend of mine wanted to go so we took her. Then my Aunt heard about it and she wanted to go and we went again. I really enjoyed this trip. There was only one person in the house with us. It was a few days before Christmas and not much visitors then. It was like we had the entire home to ourselves. If you are ever in the area it is a wonderful place to visit. Even if you were not an Elvis fan. It just is interesting. Maybe someday I will go again in December and have the place to myself. One room was covered with fabric on the walls and ceiling. I just wish they would let you go upstairs and tour the bedroom. Can you imagine how many people visit yearly now and IF THEY DID THAT how many folks would come. Millions more to see Elvis bedroom.

Last but not least, let me send some LOVE your way. This was the card I made for Valentines Swap.

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I appreciate you visiting Trading Fabric Postcards in the year 2011 and hope you continue to do so in 2012.

I have been taking some time off with posting and most posting on my . I hope to get busy after the first of the year here on Trading Fabric Postcards.

Merry Christmas!

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Advent Calendar

It is safe to click daily to see the beautiful picture and hear the music daily. I just clicked Day 1 and was gorgeous. You can’t click day 2 until tomorrow.

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New Postcards Received.


This is painted fabric. Debbi did a beautiful job. Now for me to get mine finished.

I love lady bugs. Nancy did a great job..HOW did she know my toe nails were painted as ladybugs?? 


This came from “Across the pond” as we say on TFPC. All the way from Australia. Great job Dianne on the Elvis card for our swap. Now to find out how you did this. I think I know… is it a dryer sheet?  It is a Hunka Hunka great card!

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Fabric For Sale

I just listed some fabric for sale at

Thanks for looking.

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New Cards Received.


I love beautiful sea turtles like this one that Terri sent. She selected the most perfect fabrics for the turtle back. It makes me want to go to the beach for some Vitamin “Sea.”


Katina send me this ATC which is Artist Trading Card. It is 3.5 x 2.5 inches. How did she know I needed a Shabby Chic Prom Dress card! I love it with all the beads on the card.


Marg sent me this card from across the pond as we say. It is from Australia. She used her felting machine to make this beautiful work of art. I have a felting machine. There are 5 needles that go at one time. I broke one of my needles and I need to make myself sit down and change out the needle. This is a beautiful technique and I need to perfect my skills.


Everytime I see this ATC I received from Eva, my mouth starts watering and I want some of the fresh lemonade that my Granny used to make. It was so good. I love this card. I can almost smell the lemons.


We had a request a few months ago to trade with a class in California. Of course we would. How wonderful to get art work from the students. I got this card from Winston. I will treasure it forever. I hope our group Trading Fabric Postcards is asked to participate in another swap in the future. We ALL enjoyed the trade.


Rachel sent me this beautiful ATC card. It is called “Prarie Fire.” It seems like I remember he telling me the farmers burned off the land to plant. Or something like that. Maybe she will refresh my mind. But anyway it is really neat.

Life is a puzzle isn’t it? And with me sometimes there is a piece missing! Carol sent me this card and I love all the colors and the puzzle piece. On the swaps here at TFPC we use just about anything.


At any given time you may hear Eva is gone on a trip. She and Barbara another member went to Sweden at the last minute last year. Of course we all stayed back in the USA sullen up because they were there and we were not. Oh I am just kidding. We were so excited they went because they brought goodies back and shared some with us on Trading Fabric Postcards.  Eva said this is a “Swedish Snail.” She took the picture of him hanging on the side of a wall in Sweden and then printed it out on her printer. Isn’t it beautiful?


Here is some gift Eva shared from Sweden. I loved my card along with the extra’s. There are really some talented ladies in this group. I have not ever received a card I did not love. ALL ARE GREAT!


Now who can’t use a new sewing machine and notions. Thank you Terri. I needed it! This was really some neat fabric.


Not only did Terri send me a great sewing machine card she sent me a beautiful watering can full of flowers. I just love flowers.


The mailman delivered me the Universe from Carol. I love cards like this. I have always been interested in stars, moon, planets and anything to do with the Universe.


Not only did Carol send me the Universe she included big mailbox full of butterflies. This is a real nice card. The fabric feels as good as it is beautiful.


Terri sent me an ATC for # 10 swap. Oh I love the fireworks on the fabric. In a few weeks my little country town will have a fireworks display at the local park. I can’t wait. I will be across the street from the park oohing and ahhhing!


I love colors, scrappy and wild! Carol could have not sent me a more perfect card. I love it.


I was happy to get this flag card from Terri. It made me think of the great country I live in and the freedoms I have to do about just anything I want to that is legal. The USA is a great country. We have our problems but all in all it is where I want to be.


I dream nightly. Some really wonderful and some scary. I don’t think I have ever had a dream as beautiful as Katina’s “Pink Dreams.” Thank you and sweet dreams everyone! I plan on dreaming in Pink.


Rachel sent me this beauitful ATC card. It made me think of growing up my Pop would say “What is red, black, white and yellow all over!” A funny paper (comics). I told you I grew up in the country!

Well this is all the cards I have to show tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to take more pictures. Please check back.

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Cards Received.

Here is another group of cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


We got a good laugh out of this card from Valerie.  In a good way. First of all it is beautiful and I love it. Second I said “I love the swans in the right hand corner.” You see I did not have my glasses on when I looked at it and she said “People see art in different forms, but those are feet with flip flops on.” So we had a good laugh, I put the glasses on and loved the feet with the shoes and beads on the shoes. Isn’t that what life is about having fun?


Barbara is so funny. On the back of this card she had stamped. “LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE THIS.”  She is always gone somewhere on a trip. Barbara is a trip planner. I will have to get more information from her and post about her business.  She makes very pretty cards also.  I love patchwork and she added embroidery and embellishments and there is a lot of purple which I love on this card.


Jerri just lives up the road from me.. A stones throw as we say! Well she also owns Dry Creek Antiques where I love to go and visit. I have a booth there and even when I do not need to take anything to the store I can always find something to bring home. I think more comes home than goes out! She is a great scrapbook designer. Very talented and I see by this card she brings her talents to making fabric cards. I love patriotic and this card. To the ladies that is in the fatbook swap with her..Just wait. You are going to love hers.


Anita sent me this card. We were in a “coloring” swap. She made this awesome card with crayons.  I just love it. In the group Trading Fabric Postcards we really have some talented ladies.  I hope to someday be on their level.


We had a bat swap. Terri sent me this card and stating she hoped I did not have bats in my belfry.  Well I don’t. I have cobwebs!! I loved this card. She did a great job on drawing off the bat.


R is for Rooster. Carol send me this beautiful monogrammed rooster. I just loved it. We seriously are thinking about building a chicken coop. I bet my roosters will not be as pretty as this one is.

Pam is our genius in the felting department. She makes the most beautiful felted cards. This card looked to be painted in oil or acrylics and then the trees and turtle was done with a felting machine.  The back is equally as neat. She drew a tree  with a turtle and a happy face. There are some really talented ladies in our group.


I love scrappy and colors. This is a beautiful colorful card from Martha. It was a Dream Fairy. I wish I had a magic wand. I could get a lot of housework done in a split second and always have something cooked!

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