More Fabric Postcards To Enjoy.

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Fabric Cards Galore!

Well I started to make this part 3 of my past “confessions” but I figured you were tired of those headings so I just decided to post pictures of cards and let you enjoy the view.

Here are some great cards. Thank you for looking.

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Well I Have A Confession, Please Forgive… Part 2

I am going to have to explain these next two. We had a member that once belonged to another group and she said “Maybe we should take our husbands and swap them.” Jokingly .. Well the ladies in that group threw her out. When she told me I said we would swap our husband on here and we had a lot to sign up for that swap. This is Dianne’s husband that she sent me and to date he has not given me any trouble. Been very quiet.

This next picture you see is my husband Gary and I have to tell you ahead of time. It does look funny. It was made in Florida on the balcony of the condo we were staying at and his hair did not show up so I painted him some sprigs of hair that the wind caught up and had it blowing. That is why he looks like he has an indian headdress on.. I can’t draw! My husband is very handsome and this picture does not do him justice.

I took a Halloween napkin and ironed fusible web on the back of the napkin and then ironed it on a piece of Peltex to make this card.

My first attempt at Zentangle! I do not know if I will try this again.. I am not that creative to doodle.


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Well I Have A Confession..Please Forgive! Part 1

I have a confession… Not only have I been busy I have been as my grandmother would said “PURE LAZY.”  I have received tons of fabric postcards, mug rugs and mini quilts and not posted one thing on here about it.

I finally got all the pictures made or hope I did and now I am going to do something different. I usually post the picture and then write something about them. Today I am starting to just post the pictures and some may have a comment and some may not.. I will do better starting January 1, 2012.

There just has been a lot going on here at the Wheeler Compound!

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making some of them and receiving a lot of them.



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MADE IN THE USA.. Birmingham, AL

You all have known me long enough to know I love made in the USA. But what I love even more is things handmade that are actually one of a kind and very reasonable.

I happened upon this web site I believe through . I fell in love with these pieces of jewelry and what a great way to support an artist living in the USA. Birmingham, AL to be exact. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets.. ALL very nice.


Ok you shopping for your favorite Alabama fan or you know elephants are a symbol of good luck and we all can use that.. Here is an elephant necklace.


I being an Auburn fan and and old hippie..I loved this. So if you need to get that special someone in your life a gift, here it is! You probably could get your team on one of these.


Everybody knows somebody that is having a bundle of joy arriving .  This would be something special they could keep forever and even pass down to their child when they are awaiting for their own bundle of joy to arrive. You could make this a family tradition. Get one for you and pass it to your child and they pass it to their child on down the line.

What the world needs is more love and you could spread it around with a pair of these earrings.


This would be an adorable necklace for a mother or grandmother or you could even have just your and your spouse name put on there. It would be cool to spell out your own name.

Look I could go on and on about what Rececca has on the site but why do you just not go to  and see and shop for yourself.  I am sure you and she could work something out.

You know when I find MADE IN THE USA..I am going to pass it on to you.  We need to support the artists in the USA!

Go there and look at all the pretties. Let me know in a comment what you think.

When I contacted Rececca and asked for permission to blog about her company and asked her about it, she said she was located in Birmingham, AL and that she hand stamps every piece. Now how cool is that??

Made in the USA and her prices are very reasonable. That special gift you need for Christmas or whatever occassion could be personalized and just what you are looking for. Something no one else has.  Christmas is coming very soon!

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Say Hello To Denise Milledge

Meet Denise Milledge. Owner of Owl In The Moon Studio and SoulCollage® facilitator. I met Denise through Trading Fabric Postcards. I was so impressed with her work of the houses she paints to hold the cards that I asked for permission to show it them my web site and she gladly gave me her story.

My name is Denise Milledge and I became a SoulCollage® facilitator in January 2011. This  is a creative process of self exploration through the creation of 5×8 collage card one makes for themselves based one the many “parts or voices” inside each person. SoulCollage® was first developed by a Marriage and Family Therapist, named Seena B. Frost. She developed this process to help her clients to explore and better understand themselves.

In the group each person collages a card from images found in books, magazines calendars, stock photos etc, based on one aspect of themselves such as “The Inner Critic” or “The Creator” or “The Mother” or “The Happy Child” or “The One Who Is Afraid”..after creating a card, the next step is to work with the card doing the “I Am the One Who” dialogue by writing it down in a journal or a piece of paper or typing it in an online journal. The idea is the discover more about and give voice to the many aspects of yourself that are always present in your head/heart/body so that they can be brought forth into your conscious awareness .Eventually, each person creates a personal deck of cards based on each voice or personality.

Since the images are often found in published books/magazines etc., these cards are made for personal use only and are never to be bartered, traded or sold. The cards can be shared in SoulCollage® groups but the cards always return to the creator of the card. While the creation of a SoulCollage® card feels very therapeutic, it is not in itself, a therapy.

If you would like more information about the process feel free to go to There you will find out about the history, the process, examples of cards, and facilitators in your area offering SoulCollage® workshops. The cards LOVE to be “out” and “seen”. People who create their SoulCollage® cards are always looking for ways to display them. Very much like those of us that send and receive fabric postcards. In response to that, I paint and design what I call “Soul Houses”. They are actually unpainted wooden cd holders. I paint each one individually and no two houses are ever the same. They are all one of a kind. I sell them at my SoulCollage® workshops for 50.00. They would be a great way to hold and display the fabric postcards as well.

If you are interested you can reach me by phone at (951) 534-7966 or through my email at They would be 50.00 each plus the cost of shipping/handling. I accept checks or money orders. Here are some examples of the houses.


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November Give A Way


What can I say?? Another suprise!  

I do not mind where you live. USA or another country. I just need to know so if the generator picks you I will know approximately what I am able to send.

I do not like the RULES word but if you are not a follower I wish you would be.  If you have a blog I wish you would tell others about my blog and add me to your blogroll. Or you do not have to have anything but just leave a comment to enter.

I want to know where you are living USA or what country you live. Please tell me what interests you so I can make sure I do not give you something you will not want or will not use. If there is something you would like to try let me know that also. I possibly could have something in that line.

Thank you for entering and reading my blog. I have not been in the writing mood lately but I feel it coming on and I am going to try to have a post daily. 





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Don Keith, Radio Personality,Author and Big Ham!!!


Don Keith





Back in 1972 when I graduated from high school I was fortunate enough to have a job waiting on me. Receptionist at WVOK Radio in Birmingham, AL the Mighty 690. If any of you from the South remember it was the station that produced the “Shower of Stars.”

It was THE station. None compared to it.  Well I met a lot of nice people there, Johnny Davis(Jim Romine), Dan Brennan, Joe Rumore, Curly Fagan and Don Keith.  I was thinking one night about my experiences at the station and I googled Don Keith and found him. We started emailing and then friends on Facebook and so on. I found out in addition to his regular job he is an author.

I bought a couple of books not knowing what to expect since I had only known him and his powerful deep voice on radio . I was very pleased with his writings. My husband is a huge fan of anything to do with submarines and he fell in love with Don’s books about submarines. Gary’s father was in the Navy and you know how boys are they just love anything about ships and submarines.

I got a message from him tonight that his new book is ready and he will be doing a book signing at Alabama Booksmith, in Homewood, AL. Here is the information.   November 15 at 4 pm!

You may read about Don here at his site

My favorite book is Wizard of the Wind. I guess it made me think of my days at “VOK” and all the nice people I came in contact with. The book was fiction. My experiences were real and eye opening!

Hopefully if nothing happens I along with my husband Gary will walk up to him at the signing and say “Do not act like you do not know who I am!” He probably will not. 1972 sure has been a long time but I will forever remember that voice and the kind man behind it.

He and his wife Charlene live in Alabama. Very nice people and Don is a very good author. So think about that special person in your life and get them one of Don’s books for Christmas or  birthday or just for no reason at all. Or for yourself. I have enjoyed the books also. I really think you will not be dissappointed!

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area or nearby please come to the signing.

Oh and on the BIG HAM.. Ham radio operator.  N4KC on the call letters!  Don I hope I said that part right!!!

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New Postage Rates Coming 2012

Mailman Delivering Mail

WE ALL DREAD a postage hike or any rate hike . BUT everything is going up and I guess it is time for the stamps to go up . When you think about it 45 cents is a bargain to mail a letter. You could not crank up your car and back down your driveway for 45 cents.

Here on Trading Fabric Postcards our fabric cards are treated like first class letters.

Here is the new rates starting January 22, 2012

Naked = mailed out of clear envelopes incase you all think we go to the PO naked!!

Naked in the USA    45 cents  

In clear plastic envelopes in USA 65 cents. The PO charges 20 cents extra for mail that can not go through automation.

Canada and Mexico naked is going to be 85 cents. In the clear envelopes $1.05.

Other foreign countries $ 1.05 naked and $1.25 in the clear plastic envelopes.

A really good way to look at it is just figure out how much a first class letter cost going to where you are sending the fabric card.  If you are mailing it “naked” then the cost of a first class stamp to that destination. If you are putting it in the clear plastic envelope then you add 20 cents. Real simple.

To me the above postage is a small price to pay to receive beautiful art from all over the world.

If any of you have any questions about our Trading Fabric Postcard groups just email me at and put postcards in the subject.


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Birmingham England Quilt Show

One of our members on TFPC sent this video. I think you all will enjoy it..   There are some awesome work in fabric here. BE WARNED HOWEVER..IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO JUMP UP AND QUIT WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO SEW!!!

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