Postcards Received


I received this beautiful mask card all the way from South Africa. Thanks Mariette, I LOVE IT.  It would be nice if we could find these type things on our street corners like you can where you live.


Sherry sent me this beautiful flag card complete with beads and fancy stitching. I love it. It is beautiful! Just in time for the 4th of July.


Sherry also sent me this beautiful lace and beaded card. What girl does not love lace and beads? Thanks. I Love it! Orange is becoming my new color that I am drawn to.


Now Carolyn has me wanting to go to some tropical island for a vacation with those pair of sandals. I love this card. I can hear the ocean roaring and smell the salt water.


Now while I am on my tropical island enjoying my vacation I hope I find some fish like this one that Monique sent me . Don’t you just love the bubble background fabric and the oyster shells complete with pearls. I love this card. Even beautiful seaweed!

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