What Is A FatBook?

I found this picture online of what a FatBook looks like. It was on Paper Junkies website.


http://www.papercraftjunkies.com/content/2009/02/birthday-fat-book-for-dee/   to see more.

Basically they are made like a miniature quilt or fabric postcard and you put together in book form.

 On TFPC we had a Fatbook swap. The first one was 4 x 4 inches and we had to decorate the front and back.We each were assigned a month and we were suppose to put something pertaining to the month on the back.  I will be posting the finished project when I get my book completed. We all made 12 pages identical or as close as we could so everyone would the same book.I sent out 11 pages and should get 11 pages in return.  We left a space on the left side of the page to put grommets so that we can put it together in book form. Here is a really good article I found on how to make one.


Here are some pictures of the pages I have received.


This is the front of the page Stephanie made.


This is the back of the Hope page that Stephanie made.


Front of the page Terri made.


This is the back of the page from Terri.


Front side of the page Eva made.


Back of the page from Eva.


Front side of the page Joyce made.


Back of the page by Joyce.

Back of the Elvis Fatbook page by Katina.





Front of the fatbook page by Katina.

This fatbook had a lot of goodies with it. A booklet made up of things that happened to Elvis  in January and the back of it had net with tiny rhinestones in it.


Front page I made, Chris. Those are really green stamps.


This was the back of my page. I sewed all around and left one half of the right side open like a pocket. In the pocket I put a story about me, a picture, and a recipe card with a recipe on it. I was a Christmas baby so it was only fair that I had December!


Here was a story about me. Chris.


Front of the March page by Shirley.


Back of March’s page by Shirley.


Front of February page by Marlene.


Back of the page with a picture of Marlene as a child.


Front of the Fatbook page by Carol.


Back of the page by Carol.


Front of the Fatbook page by Nancy.


Back of the page by Nancy.


Front of Fatbook page by Monique. I left it on the envelope it came in. I absolutely loved the stamps. Some foreign countries have the best stamps.


Back of the page by Monique.

Now you all see what a Fatbook looks like. Why dont you come and join us for our 3rd Fatbook Swap on Trading Fabric Postcards. It is a no theme. So anything goes.

You can go here to join up with the group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TradingFabricPostCards/ 

Hope to see you there. We are always up to something!

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